I am a professional Software Developer for the past 15 years or so. Since a very young age I tinkered with computers and always remember myself enjoying building things. I always take on new challenges and try to find solutions to everyday problems in the most creative and efficient way possible.

During the day I make a lot of architecture and design decisions over @Covve but I also get my hands *dirty* writing lots and lots of code. I feel at home when working inside a fully automated workflow, with lots of tests supporting my refactoring frenzies and code reviews that make both me and my collegues better developers and better people.

I have done a lot of freelancing in the past, which gave me the opportunity to work with different technologies, but also people. I have done about 7+ years of C# development, mostly for Geographic Information Systems, 3D and Data Intensive applications. Half the last decade I am more into javascript (or more accurately typescript) development mostly for front end and mobile, but also some interesting nodejs backend microservices.

I love to cook, I love carpentry, I love teaching myself new things and I love spending time with my two little boys, teaching them as many things about our universe as they can possibly handle. I sometimes tweet some interesting stuff over on Twitter @masimplo, write a short blog article at masimplo.dev and enjoy taking pictures of things I cook on Instagram @masimplo. I do not have a Facebook account and I am not interested in getting one, so don't look me up there.