As a professional software developer for almost 20 years, I have always been fascinated by the power of technology to solve problems. From a very young age, I tinkered with computers and found joy in building things. I approach new challenges with a creative and efficient mindset, constantly seeking innovative solutions to everyday problems.

During the day I make a lot of architecture and design decisions and manage a great team over @Covve but I also get my hands *dirty* writing lots and lots of code. I feel at home when working inside a fully automated workflow, with lots of tests supporting my refactoring frenzies and code reviews that make both me and my collegues better developers and better people.

I have done a lot of freelancing in the past, which gave me the opportunity to work with different technologies, but also people. I have done about 7+ years of daily C# development, mostly for Geographic Information Systems, 3D and Data Intensive applications. The last decade I am more into web technologies development mostly for front end and mobile (Ionic, Capacitor, Swift, Kotlin, you name it), but also DevOps, kubernetes and serverless, including scalability, security, performance, maintainability and cost considerations.

My MBA background gives me a unique perspective on software products and how they align with business goals. I am able to approach software development with a strategic mindset, focusing on how the end product will serve the needs of both the business and the users. This allows me to be more involved with product development and business decisions but also to be more mindful about mentoring and leading my team towards success and help them grow their skills and knowledge.

When I'm not coding, I am an avid cook, 3d printing enthusiast, carpenter, traveler, and self-learner. I also enjoy spending quality time with my two little boys, teaching them about the world around us. I share my interests and thoughts on Twitter @masimplo, through my blog at and by sharing pictures of my creations on Instagram @masimplo