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Breaking promises...and asking santa for internet access.

Breaking promises...and asking santa for internet access.

OK, I admit it… once again, I created a blog, wrote 2 posts, and left it for 6+ months! But today, times have changed, and I remembered its existence. To excuse my absence, I’ll mention the lack of internet connection at my new home for the last 2+ months. Yes, 2 months to reconnect with the world, 2 months to connect 2 cables and press 3 buttons on a PC.

And while you’re struggling to live disconnected from the rest of the world after work hours, and paying for well-maintained mobile and mobile internet accounts, they also make you pay for the period when you don’t have internet or phone and it says you talked for 3 hours 😐

The internet has yet to be fixed at my home, even though Mr. A. Vasilis came. Maybe one of these days, an OTE employee will come and connect it as their new year’s resolution… sometimes things just happen.

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