Welcome to Ghost

Welcome to Ghost

##Getting Started… again After such a long time that I have completely abandoned by blog, I decided I needed a fresh start, something to intrigue me to get on the blogging wagon again. It had to be more than looking for a new theme or adding a few cool plugins to Wordpress. So I looked around on what was available 4 years later - yes, that’s how long I had abandon my previous attempt for a blog - and I came upon Ghost.

Ghost is a minimal blogging platform written in nodejs - my favorite backend engine lately - and thought to give it a try. There are no plugins, no huge sea of themes, not much to configure, you just get up and write. It seemed like the right way for me to get back in the game, without finding excuses to play around with my blogging software rather than actually blogging.

But i needed something more to seal the deal and get me writing again. So I thought why not combine my favorite backend with my favorite deployment technology… and here it is people, a ghost blog running inside a docker container, behind an nginx reverse proxy container hosted on an ubuntu 16.04 docker ready VM.

I have so much that I learned over these years, that I want to share with the world, not for any other reason than to prevent my hair pulling to have been done for nothing other than making things work.

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