Ionic2 VirtualScroll custom component workaround

Ionic2 VirtualScroll custom component workaround

Simply put virtual scroll is a performance related technique to have a scrollable list of a vast amounts of records that does not impact performance by rendering too many DOM elements. What it does to accomplish that is render just a few items and replace the item contents while scrolling in such a fashion so that the user perceives it as she/he is actually scrolling a large list of items. This has a major impact on performance and is paramount for any app handling large amounts of data to function correctly.

In current version of Ionic2 (rc1) it is not yet possible to use a custom component as the item to be used by virtual scroll leading to a template that has to be defined in place rather than abstracted away in its own components. There is a currently open issue for that. Until that issue is resolved there is a quick workaround you can use.

Say we have a list of contacts and each contact is rendered by a component called MyContactListItem we would normally do:

<ion-list [virtualScroll]="contacts">
                *virtualItem="let contact"

This will not render anything due to the existing issue. What we can do instead is wrap our custom element in a div element which happens to work with virtualScroll (normally we would use a ion-item but this is going to mess our template at this point).

<ion-list [virtualScroll]="contacts" approxItemHeight="100px">
  <div *virtualItem="let contact" class="full-width">
    <cv-contact-list-item  [contact]="contact"

And this will have to do for now.

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